Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tús Úrnua

Thank god for January. Even though this month is bitingly cold, frigid, and bitter, I feel happier. The promise of a new start takes away the sting of December and refreshes me. The cold air manages to numb my soul as much as it numbs my nose and I don't feel as hopeless as I did when I wrote that last post.

Right now I'm in Baltimore. Long 32 hour layover near the wharf or the harbor or the waterfront, whatever they call it here. I lose track in all of these cities. I'm on a four-day trip. We spent the first night of this trip in Denver, which was a surprisingly mild 60 degrees. We got in to Baltimore last night at 11:30 PM from Houston and we have two nights here. An interesting crew on this trip indeed. There is a married couple in their 60s. We'll call them Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde is working in the back galley and Bonnie is working First Class galley. I am the Load, which means I am in the aisle during boarding, and then work in the First Class aisle, and I'm not done yet, because THEN I move to the back to pick up trash. (Told ya this job was glamorous). The Lead is this very chill surfer guy who travels to places like Fiji and Australia on his days off. He is essentially the one who is in charge. Makes the announcements, communicates with the gate agents, etc. We'll call him Jake. Jake and I share the two jumpseats up front. Jake smells great. I like sitting next to him.

So Bonnie and Clyde are weird. During take-off and landing, the cabin lights are adjusted to the level of outside, so if there is (God-forbid) an evacuation, your eyes are adjusted to the appropriate lighting. At night it is very dark in the galleys. Bonnie and Clyde sit in the jumpseats in the back galley. Jake goes back after we have cleared 10,000 feet to get ready for our service, and discovers that they are making out. So he turns the lights on bright. Clyde also keeps making these weird noises with his nose. Jake and I laugh about all of the quirks and go about our business.

So when we arrived late last night we decided that a cocktail was much needed. Unlike the mild and unseasonable weather in Denver, the weather in Baltimore is absolutely biting. I don't know if it's the wind or just the air itself, but the cold cut right through you like a knife. Everything was closed except for this divey bar about 6 blocks away. So there we went. It was a bizarre mix of college students, old drunken Irish men, and us. The beer was served in plastic cups. Somehow I think that dehances (not a word, but I'm keeping it) the flavor. Whatever. It's been a long couple of days. A long week. A long month. And January deserves to be celebrated.

So we closed down the bar after four beers in plastic cups. We returned to the hotel, ears, fingers, and noses numb. Maybe we needed some whiskey instead of beer.

My room is next door to Jake's and across the hall from Bonnie's and Clyde's. When I got into my room I heard all of these doors slamming and opening. And voices down the hall. I opened my door to see what was going on, and Jake was standing with his door opened, a puzzled look on his face.
"Bonnie and Clyde are lost," he told me. "They are trying to open my door."
"Are they nuts?" Jake asked.
"My god, YES." I answered.
"Are you still frozen?"
"My god, YES."
"Do you want to snuggle?"
"My god, YES."

Baltimore got a little bit warmer.

And the promise of 2012 got a little bit brighter.

2011 wasn't bleak- it was actually quite happy, but I am ready to unravel some tangled webs and cleanse myself of some things that are not going to be compromised. I feel happy, well-rested and at-peace ( least until the airport van picks us up at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning.)

Happy New Year, Everyone. Thank you for reading my weblog.

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