Friday, May 14, 2010

Aloha Oy (Vey!)


This Wahine returned from Hawaii about a week ago. But I've been trying to find time to write this blog ever since. I went with my best friend from High School (JoAnn) and her mom (Jane). I am so grateful to have had this vacation with such wonderful ladies- it was peaceful, relaxing, and fun....just how a vacation should be.

Everything in Hawaii is beautiful. Everything. The flowers. The beaches. The people.
Below is my favorite Hawaiian flower. It always looks somewhat fake when I see it, yet it is real. It is called antherium:

This is early morning Waikiki Beach.

This is JoAnn below. We are drinking pineapple wine at approximately 5 AM (still on eastern was an early wake-up every morning) out of the Hyatt Regency Waikiki's coffee cups, since there were no wine glasses to be found.

But then when we realized how tired we would be since awakening so early, we thought we may need coffee. Which we had no glasses to contain, since we had used all the coffee cups for pineapple wine. So we used the Hyatt's regular glasses for the coffee. Makes sense, no?

Since this was a very relaxing trip, there is not a lot of narrative to write. We have all been to Hawaii before, so we were able to relax at the beach a lot. Here were some of the highlights:

JoAnn learning how to paddleboard:

Me, standing around:

Oahu ghost tour led by "Uncle Joe". He was pointing at an "orb", a bundle of haunted energy (or something like that). Do you see it? It kinda reminds me of "Tiny Bubbles". Except not "in the wine".

Then we went on a dinner cruise. Then we went to a luau at Paradise Cove, which is also where I went in 1985 for a luau with my family (please see blog archives under "labels" and under "Hawaii". ) It still looked the same:

Above is my favorite part of the luau: the pig. I think in Hawaiian language it's called an emu or something, although that doesn't sound quite right.

Anyhow, mahalo for reading this very brief blog. No more vacations planned anytime soon, but I do promise to come up with some more substance in my blog. Aloha.