Friday, January 8, 2010

Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!!

So I brought in the New Year with a glass of champagne, watching fireworks over the Statue of Liberty from the forward deck of a boat.

***Yes, a boat. Not a ship this time around. .... Because it would have been inappropriate to have called my ship a boat, or to have called"starboard" right or "port" left or "aft" back. I was really enjoying the sea-faring terminology. In fact, I still sometimes call the front of my apartment building the "forward". And I sometimes refer to the speed I am driving as "knots" instead of miles, although that one is just because it's fun to say, not because I'm confusing the two.

So on New Years Eve I was on a boat. An honest-to-goodness boat. A boat for drunk tourists, not a ship for worldly students, although I *will* be getting on an actual SHIP in two weeks for a cruise to the Bahamas for my friend Jeff's wedding.

Why was I on a boat for drunk tourists, you ask? Because I was managing an event for a company who hires me seasonally to hostess a New Year's Eve party. They market, promote, ticket, manage and organize parties at 40 different venues around the city, and this is the third year I've worked for them. I've got to admit, I was kind of dreading it, even though the pay is pretty decent. New Years Eve is not my most favorite holiday. It is always freezing cold, there is never a cab to be caught, there are drunken crowds everywhere you go, and to get to my boat, I had to get off at the subway station in Times Square to brave the masses of folks lined up to see the ball drop and venture allllll the way over to 12th avenue where the pier is, on the freezing cold Hudson. Oh, and since my role is "Event Manager", guess who gets to facilitate all the complaints from the over-indulged tourists who spent upwards of $150/ticket (some of the VIPs were even $300) for their New Years Eve cruise around Manhattan?

But I am thrilled to tell you, there were very few complaints, the weather was in the 30s (which is WARM as far as I'm concerned!), I did indeed catch a cab home, and the drunken crowds were really pretty tame, as far as I'm concerned. It was a very international crowd and I heard "Happy New Year" in a variety of languages. Thank you, friends from abroad, for visiting my big bad apple to support our tourism industry. There were plenty of handsome men to smooch at midnight, my staff was fantastic, I was surrounded by wonderful people, and it was smooth sailing. I ended up having an extraordinarily good night. And I got paid to host my own damn New Years Eve Party.

I had a staff photographer on board and I thought this was one of the better images she captured. It appears that the couple below are having a "gelukkig nieuw jaar". What do you think?

Here I am {pretending to know how} to dance with my ticket-taker on this sea-faring vessel:
New Years Day was spent watching TWILIGHT ZONE MARATHON, which also happens on the 4th of July. Oh how I love these black and white episodes. I also made "pork and sauerkraut", which is basically an Ohio thing. You eat this meal to bring in good luck for the New Year. New Yorkers don't really do this, but everyone in Ohio does. And people in Ohio have very good luck. Well soo did I. I mean, If you consider being gassy and bloated "luck", then my friends, I was indeed having some really REALLY good fortune......

The entire holiday season I was surrounded by friends, which definitely made my holidays more merry.

On Christmas, I was with the Finkels. (Yes, I know your next question before you even ask it.....Finkels are indeed Jewish, but they were gracious Christmas hosts, nonetheless, and we had a fantastic Christmas Eve, complete with Egg Nog, a yummy dinner, and sugarplums. And by sugarplums, I mean Dara, Cheryl, Celeste, and Ian.)

My favorite Finkel of all, Dara:
What else? I took some holiday photos of myself and Kitty.
At first it was difficult getting this little fuzzball to cooperate:
After some biting and scratching, we finally got a better one:
*That is my NYC-sized Christmas tree in the background, which I carried up 4 flights of stairs, leaving a trail of sap and a few needles behind, and mounted all by myself, thankyouverymuch.

Over all, it was a very joyous holiday season, even though I didn't get to spend this festive time in Ohio with my family.

I know you must be wondering about resolutions, no?

Well I've tried my best to make them attainable:
1) Learn to find Middle C on the piano. Background story: when I was a child of about 7 years old, I went to my piano lesson one day and cried my eyes out, because I couldn't remember which key was Middle C. My mom was so angry, and I remember being in a *lot* of trouble. So I decided now that I'm 33, I think I might be able to make it a goal to find "Middle C". Dara, a concert pianist, I'm fairly certain, will support me in this endeavor.
2) Start smoking. I mean, so many people resolve to QUIT smoking, so I might as well make it easy on myself. I figure if I'm putting cigarettes in my mouth, that means I'm NOT putting food in my mouth, so this is really just an effort in weight-loss.
3) Go to Brazil. After I already sailed around the world last year, I am having a hard time trying to top that. So I figured, since South America was not on our itinerary, I'll just go ahead and do that this year.
4) Have a baby. I really want to be a mother. Wait a minute. Does this one come into conflict with Resolution #2? Crap. I may have to re-think this one.
5) Buy a condo in Battery Park City. Because I like that neighborhood.
6) Stop dating douchebags and instead pick some better guys. I don't know how else to elaborate on that one.
7) Organize my closet. Still deliberating about this one. Might be too ambitious.
8) Publish a novel. Definitely attainable.
9) Better food choices. This one goes along with the nicotine.
10) Choose my words more carefully. Already started. There are some "deleted scenes" from this very blog you are reading. Maybe I'll show the "unedited version" in the day....
11) Be more altruistic. Like by volunteering at soup kitchens, orphanages, humane societies, and the like. I'm serious! If you guys have some good philanthropic opportunities, I'm up for the job. Because I can't just ship myself off to India again, I've got to find some local ventures to help others in 2010.
12) Azherbaijani. I've got to learn to speak this language. I accidentally set it as my "language" when I downloaded Skype and now I can't seem to figure out how to change it. Anyone want to practice with me?

How am I doing on these goals? So far, so good, my loyal blog readers. Thank you for following me on my journey in 2009 and I hope you will continue with me in 2010, as I achieve these resolutions one-by-one. I am a very fortunate woman and I am grateful for all of you.

My ship has indeed come in.


Buddy said...

I seriously hope you're joking about #2. I saw my dad and all my uncles die slow deaths of lung and/or throat cancer (and we're pretty sure my mom had undiagnosed colon/stomach cancer). There are better ways to lose weight (and you look great anyway).
I could help with #6 and/or #4 except for the whole New York thing. :-( The big, bad city would chew me up and spit me out. Seriously, though, you're a beautiful woman..mind, body and soul. Hopefully you will find someone who will win your heart (and not be stupid enough to break it) and he will be the luckiest man alive.
Without going into my own problems here, you're very lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Dara Finkel said...

1) Yes, I will make it my goal this year to make sure you know where middle C is.
4) You will have a baby, and I will babysit, but I am not changing smelly diapers. Gross.
6) Hallelujah. Let's hope this one comes before number 4.
7) Um, I could have used a plug here for my ORGANIZING business...ok, well, I guess I'll just have to post my website right here smack in the middle of my comment:
And, I promise to work on your closet, and whole apartment for that matter.
8) I don't doubt that you'll attain this one at all. You're a brilliant writer. Clearly.
11) Maybe this year you'll volunteer for the myriad of opportunities my mom puts together?
12) My dad's driver was from there...we could have had free lessons.

Laurie said...

Ummmm, Dara? Why were you reading this at 4:36 AM?

Thank you so much. YES, Dara's business is friggin' fantastic! She already organized my closet at my old apartment when I lived uptown.

Please visit!

No more tragic experiences with pianos!

Laurie said...

PS- Ewww, Finkely Finks....I am not changing shitty diapers EITHER! That's what the "non-douchebag" guy is for!

Buddy said...

Dara, you'd faint if you saw my closet.
Laurie, uh yeah, good luck with that, lol.

Anonymous said...

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Buddy said...

If my grammar was that poor, I'd be anonymous too, spambot.

Dara Finkel said...