Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Full Count

Bases loaded. 3 balls. 2 strikes. I'm at bat.

That's how I've felt lately. Every day I have something else going on and the pressure to get it done well. I do some heavy-hitting. But mixed in with that are my "seventh-inning stretches", if you will:

* I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday "weekending" in the Hamptons. I went with my friend Viviana (that's actually her alias) and we stayed with her friend and her friend's family. They own a gorgeous "weekend home" in Bridgehampton, where they stay when they aren't at their Manhattan home. We spent Saturday at Shelter Island. They had to let their weekend Nanny go over the weekend, so Viviana and I helped them chase down the children. A good taste of what it's like to prepare me for motherhood. These kids were non-stop energy. Another Hamptons friend with her two children joined us at the beach, as well. She had a shiny newborn. I held that snuggly baby in my arms and it felt fantastic. It's amazing though, how babies know their own mother's touch and pheromones, even though their eyes are closed. The infant began to fuss. That is when *the* cutest thing happened. One of the other little boys, who is merely two years old, leaned over and kissed him on the head. Melted my heart.

I am so ready to be a mother. I really want to bear a child. But I also want the Nanny and the diaper-changing husband. And perhaps a 4 carat emerald ring. Platinum setting. Adorned with pave diamonds on the side. And still a place in the city. And of course a vacation home in the Hamptons. .... Actually, on second thought, I could do without the latter....the beaches were okay, but not what I expected. Rocky and the water was somewhat murky. But their home is beautiful. Here is their conservatory:

But the kids, those sweet angel-faced kids, give me them any day! Children are quite hilarious. The little 3 year old repeated everything I said. I accidentally said "nice ass" about someone on the beach and the next thing I heard was a sweet little three-year old voice repeating "nice ass" and giggling. I have GOT to watch what I say....

* On a completely different "seventh inning stretch", I spent Monday pounding shots of tequila with a colleague and hanging out in a graffiti-laced alleyway downtown. That sounded like a fantastic idea for a Monday night. And, as I told my friend that I am very good at making smart decisions. And the tequila qualifies as such. Although, sometimes I have to ask myself how old I am again. I mean, after all, the mothers in the Hamptons are quite close to my age and they are talking about formula and water wings and teething and MUCH more important things than alleyways and tequila. After re-reading that paragraph, I must clarify- we were not pounding the Patron shots *in* the alleyway, I just went outside with him to keep him company while he smoked. Because doing shots in the bar itself is much classier than doing so in an alleyway, if I do say so myself.

* I spent yesterday night at Shea....I mean....Citifield. I can't stop calling it Shea. Even the subway station got rid of the "Shea". It used to say "Willets Point- Shea Stadium". Now it just says "Willets Point. Mets".

I am loving the shiny new ballpark though. There is attention to detail that only nerds like me notice. Things like the seats angled towards home plate. The high-tech sound system. The Women's Mets Boutique on the Promenade Level. (Which I found out was created by Alyssa Milano. And I got suckered into buy a shirt. It was on sale though. V-neck and very sporty/cute/feminine with the NY Mets logo). And there were still the buzz of planes taking off and landing at the nearby LaGuardia, just as there were at Shea. It was just a fantastic place to see a ball game. The bottom of the fourth was amazing. Since all the high-paid players are down for the count, all the "no-names" scored 8 runs in one inning. I was on the edge of my seat! And by the way, I love the variety of beer available at the new ballpark. I enjoyed Leffe Blonde and even Tiger Beer (!!! Haven't had this since I was in Vietnam!) And by the way, beer is cheaper than it used to be at Shea. Quelle supris! The one thing I did not get to do was have frozen custard from Shake Shak. I got to the game 45 minutes earlier and there was already a line around the interior of the ballpark. New Yorkers know a good thing when they see it. Unlike the Hamptons, Citifield exceeded my expectations.

......until I get my 4 carat emerald-cut diamond in a platinum setting, I'll just settle for a baseball diamond instead.....