Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4th Floor Walk-Up

Actually I live on the 5th floor, because the ground floor is the ground floor and the 1st floor is one flight up. I like all the stairs though. Saves me money on joining an ultra-posh gym over-crowded with sweaty smelly people waiting on a long line to get onto a elliptical machine. I am settling in to my new apartment and the steps don't bother me a bit. (Ask me again when we start to have 95 degree days in the city.....) For now I'm doing just fine on top, thank you very much. In fact, I like to call in the penthouse up here.

When the gangway of the ship was on Deck 5, that was the equivalent of a 5th floor walk-up as well. And I walked up those very stairs once again this past weekend.

It was weird. I think it was too soon to go back to the ship. (Not too soon to see my friends, but too soon to see the ship again- a ship full of strangers, a new person in *my* cabin, a wall full of passport photos with unfamiliar faces, replacing our own, etc.)

There was a rowdy bunch on board. Young alumnae jumping into the pool in their clothing with wine glasses in their hands! I bet the crew was on-edge the entire night. Glass in a swimming pool is a dangerous thing. I am soooooo grateful our students did not behave in such a way on my voyage. It felt like the rowdy bunch should be disembarking and we should be staying on, and sailing on to Halifax, which is where the summer voyage is going next to pick up the students.

On another note, I heard a rumor. A rumor that a few people were missing my blog. I can definitely continue to write, but I'm uncertain this blog will be filled with exciting stories like I had in foreign ports of call. But I'll try my best. I did meet the mother of Will, one of my students, who hugged me and told me how much she loved reading my blogs. She told me she also lived as a single girl in NYC for many years, so we've got some common ground. I was so humbled and flattered to meet her! She is a great mother, as Will and his friend Walsh were two of the best students we had.

So I will do my best to keep the blogs coming.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the ship:

......Actually....that's not entirely true....this first one was in Cambridge. Linus, Bama, Jason and I took a field trip to the Harvard campus. It really felt like we were docked in another port, soon we would go back for "on-ship time" and meet all our friends who were on different trips through the field program. But alas....we really just got back into Linus's car and drove back to NYC.....except for Jason who was on the ship until Halifax, since he was facilitating part of the training for the new faculty/staff.

Julie, Me, and Berge at the "No Name Restaurant" on the Boston Harbor:
Deck 6 Aft:

When can I sail away again?

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