Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Hang Loose

Just hang loose, Just have fun, Sippin' on a cold drink lying in the sun. Don't try to hide it, cause it ain't no use. 'Cause when you're in Hawaii, you just hang loose!

So remember from the last blog how I can remember vivid details of my childhood vacations? The song above I learned in 1984. Captain Bob's Snorkeling Adventure. 3rd Grade. Hawaii trip. Sarah was at it again, and sent me photos from the Hawaii vacation as well. (Thanks Sarah, you are the best sister-in-law in the world!)

In fact, here she is! This was in Hawaii 22 years after the 1984 trip, in 2006. She and my brother lived in Maui for a short time. Scott is a traveling nurse, so he picks all the cool places to go. Maui. Just say it out loud....(go ahead, you can say it, no one's listening. Maaaauuuuiiiii. There you go!) doesn't the very word itself make you think of tranquil breezes? Sarah and I were enjoying the tranquil Maui breeze that day:

Before the 1984 trip, my mom and dad informed Scott and me "you kids are very lucky! there are no other kids that get to go to Hawaii!"

So I took that quite literally and expected to see no other children whatsoever. So every time I saw a child in Hawaii I would exclaim with surprise to my poor mother "Look! There's a KID!"

We *were* very lucky. I am forever grateful that my parents took Scott and I on nice vacations. Usually we went to Myrtle Beach in the family station wagon every summer, but Hawaii and the Cruise were our two "big ones".

We were in Hawaii the week of my 8th birthday. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the rumor around the hotel was that Bob Hope was staying there that very week! Except, I kept getting Bob Hope confused with Don Ho. I called them Bob Ho and Don Hope.

So lo and behold, the night of my birthday dinner at the hotel, a few tables away was Bob Ho..... Or was it Don Hope?
We didn't get a photo of "Bob Ho", but we had a really yummy dinner. (No "tiny bubbles" for Scott and me though.) I still remember that I ate shrimp. We ate at the restaurant at the bottom of Rainbow Tower, which is where our room was located. We were originally supposed to stay in Tapa Tower, but we got upgraded. We had a room that overlooked the lagoon on the hotel's property. Every morning we would wake up somewhere around 4 AM. I don't know if it was because of the excitement or because of the jet lag.

My family has always loved Hawaii. Here are my mom and dad (below). They took a trip there when I was about 3. Scott and I stayed with my grandma and grandad that week. My parents brought me back a blue mu mu. And ever since then I wanted to go to Hawaii. Maybe that's what inspired the 1984 trip.
Here are Scott and I in Honolulu on the 1984 trip:
And here we are again (this time in Maui) in 2006:

Unfortunately my family will not be there for my third trip to Hawaii in 2009. I will be staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village again this time. (Hoping to be upgraded to Rainbow Tower once again. In fact, I still remember the room number from the 1984 trip.) Only four more days....this 9 day stretch between Japan and Hawaii is draggggggging.... So when I do finally arrive, I'll have to "just hang loose" without my family. Maybe we can go again, though. How does that sound?

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