Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Contemplations and Many Nations

We embarked in Miami, we boarded a ship
We toasted to our journey and we each took a sip

For three days we trained and learned all the ropes
To ensure student safety and to meet all their hopes

The mysteries of the world, they will all unravel
As we embark on this journey of international travel

On to the Bahamas, were students overwhelmed with emotions
They boarded there, to begin our journey crossing three oceans

My family flew down to the Bahamas to see me sail away
Don’t you fret Mom, Dad, Grandma, I’ll see you in May

My eyes welled up as we said goodbye,
Don’t worry my loves, this voyage will fly

The seas were rocky as we crossed the Atlantic
But the ship was stronger and faster than Titantic

After 8 days, we docked in Spain and we kissed the ground
Happy to be on land and see friendly faces all around

We practiced our Spanish and watched Flamenco Dancers,
In Global Studies class we learned, and our questions got answers

We stopped at Gibralter for some fuel at the dock
In a storm we waited between a hard place and a rock

Now off to Morocco, where we drank mint tea
And went to the Casbah with so much to see

We sailed south for awhile and crossed the Equator
Now we’re all Shellbacks, a few days later

Namibia’s next, with its desserts and African charm
Flamingoes, Dunes, and Germans who came there to farm

Now on to Capetown, one of my favorite ports for sure
We saw some zebras, some ostrich, and listened to a cheetah purr

Was Mauritius even a port?
We were only there for a day, that’s too short!

But Flic-en-Flac Beach was my own paradise,
I’d go back in a heartbeat, don’t ask me twice

Then on to India which melted my heart
With beautiful children, their village, their art

They lived in the dirt and the heat, and they rarely have rain
But I never once heard those beautiful children complain

I met Nupur and we had lunch served on a banana leaf
Mostly vegetarian, because they don’t eat beef

Onward we sailed, eastward to Thailand
We use Baht here? I still have Rand

I exchanged my money and met my best friend
Who flew there to meet me, I didn’t want it to end

We rode an elephant and explored Bangkok
We had so much fun and some culture shock

Now on to Vietnam and the Mekong Delta
Where it was so hot, I thought I might melta

The War Remnants museum was somber and sad
I wrote a blog about the war with some help from my Dad

Hong Kong comes next, a big city, that’s right
Each night there’s a show with a laser light

And now on to Shanghai, a futuristic city,
Only two days there, so short, such a pity

Next is Japan with its pink blossoms of cherry
We loved the baseball game, it was joyous and merry

We ate Kobe beef and I saw my friend Mo,
I needed more time here, I hated to go!

Nine long days as we crossed the Pacific,
A long time at sea, I can’t be more specific

Finally we saw land, Pearl Harbor, and Diamond Head
We swam in the ocean and saw pretty flowers of red

Two days was too short for our time in paradise
Back to the ship to eat more pasta and rice

In a few days the ship’s alongside the dock once more
And our eyes will tear up as we walk through the door

Guatemala’s rich land has ruins of the Mayan
After we leave we’ll each be cryin’

Oh Beautiful for Spacious skies, we sing to the land from which we hail
For it’s almost May 6 and we’ve finished our sail

We've learned about and we've seen so many nations,
And now we head back to our homeland obligations

To amber waves of grain we return, as we look over the rail
We’re almost there, to Fort Lauderdale

I'll miss these waves that rock me to sleep
Homeward bound, I cheer, yet I weep

For Purple Mountain majesties, I will miss my new friends
But at some point every Semester at Sea voyage ends

Across the fruited plain, we belt out with joyage
This is the end of our fantastic voyage.


Dara said...

You're waaaay better than Dr. Seus.

Way better.

Dara said...

Wait, Seuss has two s's?

Wendy said...

WOW! Just, wow. That was awesome!