Sunday, April 26, 2009

Checked Out

The natives are restless. People on this ship are getting short with one another. Tempers are flaring. A couple students are being dismissed in Guatemala. A lot of them are mentally and emotionally checked out already, however.

As for me- I'm kind of a "roll with the punches" sort of girl, and I try to ignore the mounting tension on board; after all, we (staff) are getting a paid trip around the world. And there are only 10 days left on said trip. So instead of focusing on the negative energy, I'm focusing on some things that I am looking forward to. Guatemala for one. My mom meeting me in Florida for second. And most of all: coming home to New York. Back to the rat race. I am excited to have a number in that rat race. I am excited to be back to the grind. I am excited to find an apartment (still wondering if some of you might have some leads)... I am excited to get back to my fluffy gray Kitty.

I am grateful for all of you who have read my blog, followed me on this journey, and sent encouraging emails. Emails with questions. Emails with genuine excitement for me. Emails commenting on my voyage. Emails with tips of advice for each country I visited. I truly hope that some of you will do this voyage too.

On that note- I know some of my friends are planning to apply (Melissa Martinez, Erin, Diane, Kat) and I am hoping a few more of you will, also. Please let me know if you *do* choose to do so, because there is a spot in our evaluation to recommend those who would be a good fit. I can think of many of you who would!

Thank you Mom, Dad, Shari, Sharri, Mendy, Andrea, Buddy, Jackie, Joe, David, Rebekah, David G, Gene, Marc, Patti, Nancy, Mary L, Mary B, Wendy, Wendi, Denise, Lisa, Rose, Debbie, Lela, Megan, Elizabeth, all of my Mom's friends, Dad’s Vietnam Friends, Grandma V., Grandma K, Aunt Becky, Sarah, Patty, Steph, Peggy, Mike J, Clare, Gissell, Adam, the other Adam, Fatima, Maura, Lynne, Alena, Sophie, Kat, Sheilla, Ang, Cakes, Sugarplum, Eddie, Sheilla, Doc, Grad school chaps, Jen N, Cheryl, Elyse, Sophie, Tricia, Barbie, JoAnnie, Vicalicious, Tricia, another Jen, Holly, and everyone else who encourage me and make me feel loved. There are more of you. I feel like I'm winning a grammy.

In a way, I've won something even better. At the risk of sounding cheesey (as if this whole blog isn't so already), it's true...I've won beautiful friendships across the world. I've already struck it rich at home with friendships. And I think of Nupur in India. Motoko in Japan. Julie who is moving to China. Zella who is signed on for two more Semester-At-Sea voyages. My high school French teacher who introduced me to international travel. My Grandma V. who sent me a letter in the mail that I got in Hawaii. My Grandma K who sends me IMs while I am in the middle of the Pacific. It still astounds me that we can have a conversation while I'm in the middle of the ocean. I'm really really fortunate.

I can't wait to see you guys again.

Oh- and one more thing....I will keep the blog up even after the voyage. So if you want to continue to read about my ongoing "journey" in the big bad streets of Gotham, feel free to stay tuned in.


..... said...

You missed someone's name on that list.

Alena said...

Bless you for the shout out, Laurie. On your list of people interested in participating in Semester at Sea, please add my name. I was excited about the idea of serving as a faculty member when I first heard about your trip, but now that I have read all the details of your voyage on your blog, I am really looking forward to the possibility of pursuing this opportunity for my next sabbatical leave. Your words and photos have been inspirational! Wishing you safe travels home.

Mendy said...

Aww. I'm just so thrilled you've had this amazing adventure. And knowing you, I have no doubt your life will always be filled with wonderful adventures. Wish I could be in NY to welcome you back! Love you!