Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Night in Bangkok makes the hard man tumble.

One Night in Bangkok makes the hard man tumble? {Crumble? Stumble? Humble?}
- Murray Head, “One Night in Bangkok”

I love this song, but I am never sure what that line says. I could see each of these words making total sense.

This is the first port where I’m not planning a Semester at Sea sponsored trip.

And for good reason…my best friend flew in!

I can feel an angel sliding up to me.

Land of the Reclining Buddha, sticky rice, coconut candy, 20 cent orchids, and $8 massages, here we are! She arrived by plane and I arrived by boat. And today we will meet. The port (which is called “Laem Chabang!”) is about 2 and a half hours from Bangkok, so I am dying here until I can finally board the bus. We will spend all five days in Bangkok and take a few day trips. Dara is staying a few days after our ship leaves. We’re hoping to visit the Elephant Village where one can scrub down a baby elephant, and perhaps the Tiger zoo where one can bottle-feed a baby tiger. This will be the longest I’ve been away from the ship and I’m excited. It’s a vacation from my “vacation”. (I use that word loosely the second time in the sentence, since I am working here!) ☺

I think I am most excited about the massages which cost about $8 USD for two hours. We’ve been warned to be extra careful, because some massages come with “extras”, which I am not looking for.

You’re talking to a tourist, whose every move is among the purist.
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.

Did I tell you how much I love that song? These quotes just flow so easily…

These past five days at sea have flown by. Yesterday marked the halfway point of our voyage and my friend “Biscuit’s” half-birthday. Biscuit always wears her hair in a Mohawk, so in tribute to her, we all mohawked our hair. (Which made perfect sense, since the Mohawk is halfway in the middle of our head.) I also adorned my forehead with a Bindi from India, since it goes halfway between my eyes.

We were bunkering (fueling) in Singapore the other day. I really wanted to get off the ship. Singapore is supposed to be the cleanest city in the world (quite the opposite of India where we just came from). Singapore just sounds so exotic and wonderful….. Ah…..another place to add to my list…….

I am now waiting for Customs Officials to stamp our passports and clear the ship. It seems like such a long process sometimes. Soooo close to getting off the ship, soooo close.

Not much between despair and ecstacy.

I am getting antsy. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!
One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free You'll find a god in every golden cloister A little flesh, a little history.

Indeed, the world is my oyster.

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