Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunset over Senegal

A long one, but be sure to read till the end, because I’ve written about some of you. We just left Dakar, Senegal where we had to bunker once again (we were not off the ship, however)……

Every morning around 3 AM the windows of the ship are washed. There is this automatic jet spray that spurts out to cleanse the salty residue on each window.

And every morning, I am foiled. I think it’s a rainstorm that I’m hearing and then I wake up and rub my eyes, startled. But day after day it’s not a storm after all, it’s just the jets.

And did I tell you how good I sleep on the Explorer? The ocean rocking me to sleep and the quiet sound-proof walls are just what the doctor ordered for insomniacs. I also dream quite vividly. Every morning I wake up remembering my dreams. They’re often quite weird and they are definitely indicative of what transpired during the day or what is about to go down the next day.

As with any large group, it is inevitable that there are people you’re not going to like. That is the case on the ship. There is this pushy guy- we’ll just call him Tom for now, and Tom might as well have a whip that he swats at my arse demanding what he wants. Then there is this woman whom I’ll call Linda. Linda comes up to our desk to ask me a question and I start to answer it and she cuts me off and coldly interjects that she doesn’t like the answer (the one which I haven’t had a chance to spit out yet.) Last there is a woman I’ll just call Princess who shops like a maniac and wears the tightest clothes and the highest stilettos. She does have a slammin’ body, I’ll give her that. But she’s condescending and shallow and I just don’t like her.

Disclaimer: None of these people are students and none are on my team nor people I have to report to. {Uggh….I ended that with a preposition}….And for the record, I really like most people, I do, I do! I find something nice about almost anyone, so 3 people out of the 1000 on this ship isn’t too bad.

Not to get too off-track, I dream about these three tormentors sometimes. And I incorporate local quirks into the dreams. Like for instance, there goes Linda through the casbah in Marakech, whipping a poor donkey who is carrying Princess’s shopping bags on his back. And on looks Tom who is complaining about the system of the donkey carrying Princess’s shopping bags, while demanding that I do something to change the way they execute this process.

That’s how it goes.

Lately I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite people, just to get my mind off the tormentors. Do you remember a couple months ago I promised a post about all of you- my readers and loved ones? Well this is that post Part 1. I have so many of you that I have to break it up into more than one section- so don’t sweat if you’re not here. Remember, you have to guess which one you are. They are in no particular order. If you think one of them might be you, email me or leave a comment and I’ll confirm or deny. Here goes:

1. Wise, sophisticated and fashionable you look great in hats. Except- I’ve only seen you in a hat once. You are wise and you’ve visited more countries than I can begin to count. We relate well to each other. We love Indian food. I think of you as one of my mentors and most of all my friend.

2. You are someone I can count on to roll on the floor laughing with me, even if nothing is funny except for the sound of the two of us cracking up. We like to pick out “what not to wear” and usually that cracks us up more than anything else. You always dress very well. You are one of the best mothers I’ve ever met and it is evident when you tell me the stories about your child. You are one of the people I look forward to seeing when I get back to NYC.

3. Another awesome parent, you also crack me up to no end. You sometimes mix up words, especially when describing the rats that live uptown. We always have fun together and I can’t wait to come over in May so I can play with you and your family.

4. We do not see each other often anymore, but together we have pulled some funny stunts in our day like having a drink or two before our dates to take off the edge. And then that drink or 2 turns into many drinks and we are slobbering messes by the time the date rolls around. We always have a great time and we pick up again like we haven’t missed a beat.

5. The theme must be “sense of humor” because I am thinking you are just about the only person besides myself who has so many hilarious travel stories. Like falling up escalators with 37383930 suitcases and spilling food all over your shirt and things of this nature. You like to make fun of my “northern”isms like “any port in the storm.” I love being around you. We have a “Team” thinking you should just suck it up and move to New York already. Bring the Spanish Moss.

6. I can tell you all of my crazy stories and you will never judge me. In fact- I could probably tell you I murdered a couple people and you would nod and tell me you understand and probably just hug me. I am anxious to see your place in Queens and catch up with the rest of the boys there. And maybe we can eat giant chunks of baklava, because we never realized they’d be so huge.

7. You are one of the smartest women I’ve ever met and I feel very safe sharing everything with you. I feel a little off-kilter not seeing you regularly now that I’m on the ship. I admire you so much. You get me. Plus you always dress really cute.

8. You are one of the three sisters I never really had. You feel a little out of sorts after you’re move from FL back to OH, but you’ll be just fine. My whole family loves you and your sense of humor. I wish I could spend more time around you. No nonsense and tells it like it is!!!

9. Wish you would just make out with me already!

10. Mi hermana. Te amo mucho. Que Linda! Mucho presents parati de el mundo!

11. Chickadee. Thank you for all the emails these past two days. Miss you much. When are you coming to NYC? How about May?

12. Wine time. It’s our favorite thing. It goes hand in hand with Jeopardy, where we get all the answers right between the two of us. Put on your best frock, because I’ll be around in May or June for some rotgut.

13. Tu es tres gentil. Je t’aime. Ma mere est mon meilleur amie. Elle faire tous pour moi. Je te manqué beaucoup. Je voudrais voir bientot. Si to veut venir a un de les pays avec moi, j’ai (shit- I forget how to make that future tense) une chamber pour tu dormir. Bonne idée, non?

14. Ella es loco! Mi espanol es no mucho mas major que mi francais, pero te amo! Love to make fun of people with you. Why don’t we do that more? When I move back to the LES and when you’re in Astoria we’ll do that every day, ok? Love your spunk.

15. Okay, back to English. Which is fine since you barely can speak that language. For some reason I like you anyhow. Who needs eloquence?

16. I just met someone on this voyage who knows you! You work at your HQ and I believe you visited her chapter at one point. I haven’t seen you for years, but we always had fun together. You are one of the most amiable and friendly people I know.

17. Your understanding of the world is right in line with my own. Except you put it into simple English to make it make sense. You are one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and I am so fortunate that you came into my life. Can’t wait till May and we can share candy. We never did get together again before I left and I was sad.

18. Thank you for helping me transition out of my former life to start this one. I loved that I got to spend my last moments with you and was sad to part ways. Love jew, even when you’re being a pain in the arse. xoxoxo

19. We weren’t friends in high school, but we were acquaintances. I have loved our emails and I think you lead such an amazing life….marathons and a beautiful baby and the career that I’ve always wanted. I think I told you before, but my mom and I always thought you were pretty. I hope we cross paths in real life again one day!!!

20. The best for last….or so he may think. As a matter of fact, I’m not even certain he will read this far if he reads my blog at all. You have always been generous with me and I barely get to see you. How about we meet up in a little place we used to call home after my voyage? Love you.

PS- Did any of you catch my Humphry Bogart quote in the last post, as we pulled out of Casablanca?


Dara said...

Clearly they're all about me. That's not fair to everyone else, Laurie.

Anonymous said...

well, I KNOW # 10 was about me-the reason being: "Mucho presents" was in the same sentence....that has my name written all over it! sorry Dara :)

xox, Hermana