Friday, February 13, 2009

Flying Fish, Photo Booth, and other Musings

Tomorrow on Saint Valentine’s Day we will finally be in Namibia.

The days at-sea start to all run together after the first 3 days or so. This is day 8.

I was just thinking of some things that are unique and fascinating to me:

1) We will have two April 12ths this year because we cross the International Date Line on that day(s).
2) We will also, therefore, have two Easter Sundays!
3) If you are a fan of Major League Baseball, you have a big red circle on April 6. I am a big fan of baseball, myself, but don’t worry….I’ll still be at opening day….in Japan! I am really excited to see how the sport is played in Japan. I’ve heard there is synchronized cheering and choreographed screaming for teams. (And I am hoping there is still cold beer and hot dogs. Would cracker jacks be asking too much?)
4) My cabin steward who does my laundry writes my initials and cabin number on my clothing with a black sharpie.
5) Taco day is huge in the dining room.
6) So is Fish & Chips day.
7) The Captain is wandering the corridors quite often. I don’t know who steers the ship at that time. Guess it’s on auto-pilot?
8) Faculty and staff adopted surrogate students through this ship-board program called “Extended Family”. I have about ten students who call out “Hi Mom!” when they see me. It always catches me off-guard. Cool kids though. And as any good mother would do, I bought them all ice cream yesterday.
9) One of my many strange roles here is “birthday cake duty”. Students’ parents (the parents back home, not the surrogate ones) order them birthday cakes and we have to track their friends down and determine which dining hall they’ll be in and at what time so they can be surprised. It’s a pain in the ass.
10) There are barf bags (like the kind on airplanes) strategically placed all throughout the ship.
11) When I stand outside near the railing and look out to the sea, I notice grains of salt on my skin when I come back in.
12) Some of the crew will be leaving us in Hong Kong and that includes my cabin steward, as well as some of my favorite dining room crew.
13) I spilled nail polish on my favorite dress (it was the ocean's fault for being choppy!) and I tried the following things to get it out. I think hydrogen peroxide did the best. (in case you're wondering why I used bug spray, I found that solution on the internet):
It worked a little, I guess. But I still have "I'm Really Not a Waitress" by OPI on the dress. Do you see it?

14) The ship makes its own water. There is this big complicated machine in the engine room that sucks in the salt water and evaporates it and turns it into steam and all the salt is filtered out and it becomes our shower and drinking water.
15) The ocean is 2 and a half miles deep (at least it was in the stretch we sailed through yesterday.)
16) Spain didn’t stamp my passport, nor did the Bahamas. Casablanca did though.
17) These kids’ names are all: Emily, Megan, Katie, Nicole and Lindsay. When I don’t remember the name of a student, usually one of those five works.
18) There is a little more variety with the guys. Lots of Michaels and Mathews though.
19) I’ve seen dozens of flying fish.
20) The crew is CONSTANTLY cleaning. I saw one guy with a small tool that looked like a toothbrush, scrubbing each leaf of a plant. And I saw another guy polishing the brass rails on the stairwells. He is there every day at least a few times a day.
21) After 7 days at sea, you find fun things to do with your friends using the "Photo Booth" application on your Mac.
Psychedelic, glowing and the third- my personal favorite is "Take on Me" by A-Ha:


Mendy said...

Haha I love you Laurie! :) Great list of things. Life on a ship brings out some interesting observations!

Sheilla said...

i love reading your blogs! Why does it feel like you have been gone for a looooong time :(

love ya!