Friday, January 23, 2009


So the entire ship is divided into seas, you see and each of our LLC's oversees a sea.

My sea is the Yellow Sea and on the first night I had all 90 of my students collectively come up with a "call sign" and that sign is Yelloooooooo! So when my students pass me in the halls they exclaim "Laurie! Yelloooooooooooo" It cracks me up every single time.

The waters have calmed. People are becoming settled into their floating home. My eyes are on the horizon. And we are still crossing the Atlantic. We will be doing so until Wednesday morning. But it doesn't seem like long. Days escape me before I can even begin to glance at my watch. At night the waves gently rock me to sleep and I wake up feeling well-rested and content.

It is serene and peaceful to look out the many windows and see nothing but a blue blanket brightened by the silver rays of the sun. At night I share Deck 7 Aft Duty with the LLC staff and I breathe in the salty mist. (A great exfoliant for my skin as well.)

The other day the IT people streamed in the Inauguration for everyone to see. We all had to turn off our computers so there was enough bandwidth to receive it. As you may know I wanted Hillary or Rudy or Ron Paul to be taking the stage that day, but I must admit I was impressed. My favorite line is this: "We are willing to extend our hand if you are willing to unclench your fist." Wow. Even if you're not political (like me) what a great motto to remember. I've had my fist clenched before, but I think throughout the years I've learned to open my hand, and welcome olive branches a-many.

What else? What else? I am just so grateful to have this opportunity. If you are on my gratitude list that I email every day, you see how much I'm grateful to have: Edwin who cleans my room and makes it cozy down to the last detail, like folding my pajamas and lining up my earrings; Allan the guy in the dining room who brings me grape juice; my LLC team who are so flexible and fun and feel like old friends; the students who call "yellooooooo" to me in the hallways. It's not a finite list- there are just so many things to enjoy and appreciate at sea. I want all of my friends and loved ones to have this opportunity right along with me. (You can in fact- go apply now!) And we haven't even arrived at our first port yet.

In Cadiz I am one of the bus leaders for Andalucian Flamenco Night. If you have read the top of my blog page, you are aware that one of my favorite books is "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. He gave up his job of herding sheep and started his journey in the Aldalucian region of Spain. He then traveled to Morocco to search for treasure, which is exactly where I'm going next. He didn't exactly find his treasure there per-se, but he had a journey. He met new people. He fell in love. He learned new skills. Ironically he came home to the sheep that he tended and found his treasure right back in Spain.

The moral of today's blog is: in May, when I get back to New York to my faithful "sheep" you guys all better have treasures waiting for me! Miss you guys.


Anonymous said...

Keep your blog entries coming, Laurie. Tell me more about your everyday routine on the ship. Is there wireless everywhere allowing you to keep up on your posting, or is there a dedicated computer lab? What sorts of students sign up for Semester at Sea? What are the faculty like? More! More! :-) Alena, wishing you safe travels

Dara said...

I'm seriously considering applying for this gig.....I want salty mist! My fist is unclenched!