Friday, January 16, 2009

Sea Legs

Here I am on the Explorer.....Forward Deck, Starboard side (I think?! Still learning the lingo and still getting my bearings.) Left is port side, right is starboard. Forward is front and aft is back. I think I got it. For Kat and Mario and Jen and all the other former Semester at Sea buddies who have sailed on the Explorer and may be reading, I'm in Room 3033. It's a cute little room. By Manhattan standards, it would be called "cozy" as advertised in Craigslist, and would actually be a pretty typical sized studio apartment. I also have a cabin Steward named Edwin who will be making my bed and cleaning my room. This has GOT to be the best job in the world.

Yesterday morning I was scared shitless, to put it lightly. I always get really nervous going into new situations. But my mind was at ease as soon as I started to meet my colleagues. Very kind and sweet and we soon realized we're all in the same boat (I really didn't intend that's called a "ship" around here, anyhow....) The Faculty here seem brilliant and I can't wait to perhaps sit in on some of their classes. In addition to doing my job, I am also thirsting for knowledge. Diane, Erin, everyone at AI....I will be excited when you have this opportunity too! I can already tell I'm going to love every single minute.

Last night we pulled out of Miami at around 11 PM. We didn't go very far only takes two hours to get to the Bahamas and my understanding is that in order to avoid the port fee we are anchoring in the middle of the ocean for a few days during our Faculty/Staff Orientation and Training. Then we pick up all 740 students in the Bahamas in one fell-swoop. Right now there are about 100 Faculty/Staff on board.

I am feeling the wobbling of the ship and I am very grateful that Erin gave me the wrist bands. I took them off to shower this morning and felt dizzy. As soon as I put them back on I was fine. I'm embarrassed to tell people that since we're not even moving. I honestly think the rocking while standing still makes me more dizzy than moving forward. That's indicative of my life in general, as I can never sit still; I've always got to be moving.

Speaking of moving, I have a meeting coming up quite soon. So far I haven't had any: pirates, malaria, seasickness, food-borne illness, nor a lost passport. I think this means I'm ship-shape.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie:
Glad to see you made it out to sea safely. Here is a preview of Thailand for you. i just got back this week. (cut and paste link for slideshow)


Sheilla said...


I am so glad you are on the ship safely! What are these wrist bands you speak of?

I can't wait to hear more!!!

Love you!

PS: kitty says "meow"

Laurie said...

Marc! Can't wait to look at your pics! Now it looks like Dara is coming to visit me in Thailand too :)

Sheilla- thanks for taking good care of my baby while I'm away. I say meow back! The wrist bands are for my pressure points to reduce the dizzy sensation.

Gissell said...

I'm glad all is well. Can't wait to hear/see more!!!