Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I see birds

Which means....land is near! I also saw another ship today....he was a slow-poke though and we soon passed him. Okay, a quick post (sans photos this time) but I've had a lot of follow-up emails with more FAQs:

Are you on an ark?
It's beginning to feel that way. But I won't see the giraffes and such until Africa.

Do you have a roommate?

Hell no. In that small cabin? I would hate that. Love people, but love my privacy.

How many pairs of shoes did you bring?
Only like seven.

Is there wireless all over the ship?
Yes. Sometimes it works in my cabin and sometimes it doesn't. But it always works in the public areas of the ship. I enjoy blogging from the faculty-staff lounge, because there's water all around....and wine too.

What are the faculty like?
Just like any other land institution of higher education. A mixed bag. There are some very cool ones that I've become friends with. Then there are the ones who drive you crazy. In the interest of all who read this, I'll just leave that question as is :)

When are you getting to Spain?
Tomorrow! Thank god! Fortunately there is only one day at sea between Spain and Morocco.

Okay, I'm out. Next post will be from Espana.

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