Thursday, December 18, 2008

"You just made me snort really loud, jerk!"

So before I give you the results you've all been anxiously awaiting, I must explain my title.

Okay wait...I have to sort of give you the results as a precedent to explain the above quote. I have two best friends, Dara and Holly. Holly didn't even bother to take the test, but Dara did. I called her this morning to let her know she came in 2nd, with 58 out of 60 correct. She started ARGUING about the ones she got wrong. She is angry that I "tricked" her because I am an Alpha Gamma Delta, not a Delta Gamma (see #28). If anyone in a sorority reads this...helloooooo, two different things. One has squirrels and pearls. One has anchors and little red-headed girls.

And Dara is also angry because she doesn't think I can break a brick with the back of my wrist (#9). Mom- can you PLEASE leave a comment on this blog and verify that this is true? Esta verdad!!!!

So Dara is yelling at me on the phone and I'm holding the receiver two feet in front of me as she complains for three straight minutes. "Oh how quintessentially Jewish of you to whine about MY blog", I taunted her.

This made her laugh and snort, while sitting at her desk, which turned the heads of several of her co-workers. And that's when she said the aforementioned quote "you just made me snort really loud, jerk." And I told her just for not believing me on those two questions, I am titling the blog after her. So there you go, Dara! Happy?

Oh! So the winner is.......{drum roll}.....Sarah!! My sister-in-law! She is a Laurie Expert. Guess what your prize is? A Pecan Cluster blizzard with extra pecans from Dairy Queen!! I'll give it to you when I'm in Ohio next week. And if it's nice we can even eat it in Dairy Queen Park. (hahah...just realized I said "we" can eat it...)

Here's how everyone else did. Thank you guys again for playing my game! Love you all! For those of you who didn't play, there's always next time...
Out of 60 Questions:
  • Sarah 59
  • Dara "sore loser" Finkel 58
  • Vickilicious 55
  • Erin and Adam 52
  • Sandra 50
  • Brian- somewhere in the 50s, but he refused to write the answers down, so I'm not sure
  • Barbie, Erika and Sophie 49
  • Margaret 45....this one was funny because I think Mags thought this was for her, so she answered according to what is true/false for herself! I love it! :) You win for most creative!

Okay so without further are the answers:

1. I love to shop. F I hate crowds, and I hate malls. I *do* however, enjoy small specialty shops when I'm traveling. Just not malls or crowds.
2. I am lactose intolerant. F
3. I take the train to work. F Not anymore! I am on the Lower East Side for a couple more weeks!
4. I saw my mom yesterday. F- A little over a week ago I did.
5. I never leave home without my compact umbrella. T
6. My eyes are green. F they are "pretty blue" as my friend Adam says (thanks Adam!)
7. I went to Italy two summers ago. F- I went to Greece with Holly in 06
8. I am Czech. F Slovak! Two different things!
9. I can break a brick with the back of my wrist. True (DARA!) I know tae kwon do!
10. I know a girl in a city of 8.5 million people who has dated three of the same people that I've dated. T- her name is Maura. We were stunned and amazed when we discovered this!
11. My mother almost named me Valerie. T, but was too much of a mouthful, so she opted for "Laurie" instead.
12. I was Miss Majorette of Ohio. F- but my BFF from high school (JoAnn) was! She was more committed than I was about these contests! I was like 3rd runner up or something.
13. My favorite thing to do is drive. T
14. I am very good with directions and never get lost. T- I love getting off the subway in a strange neighborhood and as my friend Vicki says "finding my way back"
15. I love tofu and try to eat healthy. F- hate that crap! I am allllll meat & potatoes. That's the Irish that exists in me.
16. I hate sushi. F- but my sister-in-law reminded me, it always makes me sick. It kinda does- but I still love it and eat it.
17. My brother & sister-in-law live in Hawaii. F, they used to- now they are in San Francisco/Ohio.
18. I have a cat named Isham. F
19. I have a lot of shoes. T- I never buy clothes, but ALWAYS buy shoes. And I did it *before* Sex & The City made it a NYC cliche'!
20. I used to live in Queens. F
21. I'm afraid of thunderstorms. F- love them
22. I have lived uptown, downtown, midtown, and in Chelsea. T
23. My favorite apartment was the one by the Brooklyn Bridge. T
24. I am in the process of completing my EdD and soon you'll have to address me as Doctor Laurie. F, but Dara told me that she would address me this way if that makes me happy. My boss and I were going to do an online program together, but we've put it on hold.
25. I am writing a book. T
26. I am organized with my finances. T
27. My favorite book is "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. T- I cry every time I read it.
28. I am a member of Delta Gamma. F- Alpha Gam!!!!
29. I used to live next door to the largest indoor growing rubber tree plant. T-it was at the Fraternity house next door and I think it probably died. Drunk people used to pee and vomit on it at all hours of the night.
30. I went to college in the rubber capital of the world. T- Firestone, Goodyear, all of those call Akron, Ohio home!
31. I love to run. F- hate to run.
32. I love to walk. T- love to walk. I average about 6-7 miles per day.
33. I am diabetic. F
34. I love cheap white wine. T- oh how I love my rotgut! Especially with my Grandma K!
35. My dream is to go to Seychelles. T- until that dirty rat Holly and her hubby J went their on their honeymoon and stole MY spot!
36. When I was a child I wanted to be a flight attendant. T- I still kinda do some days
37. I have never seen a full episode of Seinfeld. T- I know. I'm weird. I've seen bits and pieces, but never sat through an entire episode.
38. I prefer my coffee with cream and sugar. FFFFFFFF Black please!
29. I prefer my men to be Spanish. T, and Dara said "but we're working on this". I can't help it though. (Oh...and If any tall single Spanish men are reading this, feel free to comment by the way.)
30. I still remember the hotel room number when I went to Hawaii in 3rd grade. T- that was a great vacation- thanks Mom and Dad!
31. One time in Puerto Rico I tripped in iguana manure and broke my wrist. Mostly False....although I did slip through some green iguana manure and I really did kinda hurt myself. Nothing that a vicodin didn't fix though! :)
32. I would love to be an astronaut. F- outer space just seems so lonely and desolate.
33. I speak French. C'est vrai!
34. I speak Spanish. T- sort of. Un pocito. I try.
35. I play the piano. FFFFFFFFFFFF- Mom- do you remember the day I went to my lesson in 2nd grade and I couldn't find "Middle C"? I cried for days.
36. I have been to Prague. F
37. I have been to the rain forest in Central America. T
38. I am a die-hard Democrat. F- I am Independent. Although, I registered as a Democrat when I first signed up to vote. But I am Conservative on many issues. Quite Liberal on others. That's why it's always difficult for me to choose an appropriate candidate. Someone the other day implied that I don't care about our future. Au contraire! And I notice this person has been coming back to my this what you were looking for, J?
39. I have a tattoo, but I don't tell very many people about it. F- I don't even know what I would want on my body for the rest of my life (except for maybe one of the Spanish men mentioned in #29!)
40. I am scared of needles. T- but am getting better after all these travel inoculations!
41. I won the award for "best legs" in my sorority in college. T
42. My dad was in Vietnam. T
43. So was my mom. F
44. They met there. F
45. I can't think of anything better than a day at Yankee stadium and a cold beer and a hot dog. F, unless they're playing the Mets or the Indians. Although I must say, I love all baseball, so I still enjoy a day up in the Bronx, as well.
46. I think A-Rod is hot. T (Embarrassed to admit this. Don't tell Carlos Beltran....)
47. I love the mustard from the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. T- Oh my god, it tasted wonderful. I could eat it by the vat. It is unique- ask anyone in Cleveland and they will totally know what I'm talking about.
48. They still have it at Jacob's Field. T- except it's not even called Jacob's Field anymore. Damn corporate ballpark names.
49. My favorite team won their prospective league's pennant last year.F
50. Chicago is in my top five favorite cities. T
51. Wrigley Field is my favorite ball park. T- even though their mustard sucks.
52. I know more about baseball than my brother does. T
53. I have never been to Mexico. F- I have indeed been there a couple times!
54. I hate baklava. F- I love this even more than the mustard mentioned in #47!
55. I used to work at NYU. F
56. I lived in a neighborhood with mostly Puerto Rican people when I lived uptown. F- primarily Dominican.
57. Monfongo is yummy. T- delicious! Ironically, Mofongo is Puerto Rican but I did eat it in my old neighborhood.
59. I love politics. F- and here is why: I think politicians do a lot of complaining about their opponent, as opposed to saying what they're going to do to better our government. I wanna hear what you can do to make things good- not the muck you have to sling about the other guy!!!!!
60. I am Catholic and enjoy going to mass. T- I am definitely more spiritual than religious, but I enjoy the tradition, the smell of incense, the witty well-spoken priest at St. Francis of Assisi, and the lessons. I think most religions have a very good underlying message, which inspires us to better ourselves. Peace be with you. That's my favorite message from mass. What a simple phrase. But what a wonderful message to spread to everyone around you. I get the chills when I think of this.

Okay, that's it for now. Thank you for reading this far. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for the blog about all of VOUS!

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