Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shuffle off to Truffle-Oh!

In addition to my "day job", I do gigs on the side.

I've given many a sample of Famous Grouse Scotch, Mount Gay Rum, Masi Wine, Piper Heidsieck Champagne, and Remy VSOP cognac, among others.

I've done these tastings in bars, at liquor stores, in lounges, and at restaurants in the city. Who the heck passes up free liquor?

I've handed out samples of Saint Ives facial scrubs at the Revlon Breast Cancer walk.

I've passed out samples for Mr. Peanut on the 4th of July.

I've also managed Events, like New Years Eve parties on the "Temptress", a cruise that goes around the island of Manhattan. This holiday season, I will be doing another event like this, although I'm uncertain of the details just yet. I am hoping for "Capitale", this gorgeous venue downtown that used to be a bank- turned fancy party hall. It has marble pillars and ornate, rich decor. It stands tall, with high and beautifully sculpted ceilings, not dissimilar from Michelangelo's work. (Okay, not really similar at all really to Michelangelo's Sistene Chapel- but still high and beautiful.) The photo to the left doesn't do it justice. Not only is it a breath-taking setting, but I can also WALK there. Which would be quite pleasing for me on a cold cold night in the city when the streets are littered with drunken party-goers and there is not a cab to be hailed.

But I may be on a boat again or I may be somewhere uptown. Oh well- if I don't work at Capitale for NYE, maybe I can just get married there or something.

My other side-gig this year is to play the role of Lady Godiva. Kinda. I am working as the "Complimentary Truffle Girl" at the popular chocolate store.'s outside. And I am giving prospective customers a card which entitles them to one free truffle: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or hazelnut.

And you'd be amazed how many people pass this up!

I think they think there's a catch, but there's really not. All you really have to do is go into the store and exchange the card for a truffle. It's that simple.

Godiva gave me this really cute warm black wool coat with the Godiva motif, red gloves, a red hat, and a red scarf. I still felt frozen out there today. But the very sweet Manager gave me rich, creamy hot chocolate to warm me up. And the Security guard at the store, kept beckoning me back into the store to warm up under the hot lamps. My event manager even brought me mini hand warmers, like the ones I used to have in high school at football games. And a concerned customer told the Manager "that brunette out front should have a break! She's been handing out these cards all DAY!" Another customer told me "I always KNEW Santa was really a woman with free chocolate! Bless your heart."

So it's a relief to know that on this cold day, in this cold city there are some warm souls.

In the meantime, "Would you like to sample a complimentary truffle?"
(Sorry- I've said that like 18473729101010 times today. My lips are frozen into the formation of that sentence.)


MikeScorpio said...

Lady Godiva...sounds scrumptiously regal. Methinks you should legally change your name (with due respect to the Vesalos of Ohio)...

LJ said...

When does this stint end? I totally would have stopped by and finally used my Godiva gift card I've yet to redeem.

Anonymous said...

Well Sunday was supposed to be the last day, but it was cancelled because of bad weather :(

Still come though! I still have some of the free truffle cards left over :)