Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In case you've been wondering about my delinquency with this blog lately, I've got to tell you- it's because I've been up to my head in jeans, underwear, flashlights, mugs, books, sneakers, Woolite, scarves, clothespins, digital cameras, GPS systems, and Dramamine.

What do these things all have in common, you ask? They are all things that go into a suitcase for a four month voyage on Semester at Sea! All that and more. And I still need to remove some items.

On Christmas Eve I drove to Ohio. Somewhat of a pain in the arse, because I had to take the PATH train and then the NJ Transit to Newark Airport to pick up the car. Then drive BACK into the city to load it up. Then head west once again in the car, for a 7 hour drive to Ohio in the rain.

The worst part? I got a GPS with the rental and she was MUTE!!! She was just having a "Silent Night" I joked with myself (amazing the puns I create in my head to make myself laugh during a seven hour car ride). But I had really been looking forward to the woman with the Australian Accent. You could TOTALLY disobey her and turn "left" every single time she says "right" and she still manages to recalculate and get you where you need to be. Amazing woman that Aussie is! .....But nooooo, she was mute. I had to rely on the North Star to get me home instead. Good thing it was Christmas Eve. Good thing I'm a Wise Woman. I did seem to forget my gold, frankincense, and mirth though. Hope I didn't forget anything else in all these suitcases....

So then I went to Ohio and spent some quality time with my family and old friends (JoAnn, Barbie, Tricia, Rose- loved seeing you gals) And I packed. And packed. And packed.

Speaking of GPS systems, Sarah and Scott gave me one for Christmas, but it's a really COOL one that works internationally! And nautically too! It even tells me water depths. And when I get off the ship I can program it to remember the location where I disembark, then I go explore the city, then I plug in the initial location of the dock and it guides me back. Cool, right? Thanks Scott and Sarah...awesome gift! And it even fits compactly in with my stuff.

My stuff. Ay yi yi. I've got one 70 pound suitcase (have to get it down to 50). One 30 pound suitcase (not bad). One laptop bag which also holds a little more. One purse. Well that doesn't sound like so much, does it?

Except then there's that pink "overflow suitcase". I want to eliminate that one all together. So Mom, Dad....be expecting me to mail a box of excess stuff to Ohio. I know you guys can't wait for that. I know how much you guys love being my storage facility over the next few months.....

So how do I get rid of things from those suitcases that ALL seem important to take with me? I don't know. Give me some time to think about it a little more. I've got to weigh and measure some things.

Recalculating. Recalculating. Recalculating...........................

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