Friday, December 5, 2008

Farewell, So Long, Vaya Con Dios

There is a country song by George Strait that says " Goodbye, Farewell, So long, Vaya con dios, Good luck. " I loved it, because when I was in college, we would go country line dancing at this joint, and to that particular song we would dance the cha cha. We twirled. We spun. We swayed our hips. The cha cha was a dance used for many different songs, but it had some different moves than the traditional Latin cha cha, when doing it "country line" style. At first it made me dizzy, but once I got the hang of each twist and turn, I loved it so much.

Getting the hang of each twist and turn? That's what we do in life, isn't it?

Additionally, I have been thinking about this George Strait song, because this week has been about parting ways. My Great Aunt Theresa has died this week. She was my grandma's sister and best friend. A beautiful woman, she had been sick for quite some time. But she was surrounded by her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren. People who loved her. And I will say my farewell to her this weekend. She is on the right, my grandma on the left. My aunt Patty and I in the back:
This week, and over the course of my lifetime, I have also parted ways with friends. Not by death, but because I chose to remove "the toxins" as my friend Vicki refers to them. Like a colonic for one's soul. I had to do that this week- remove a toxin, that is. (By the way, if you've never had a colonic, it is a daunting experience, but you feel so cleansed afterwards! I recommend La Casa Day Spa on 20th Street. All the toxins are removed. Out they go!)

Where was I? Oh yes. Parting ways. Removing toxins. Vaya con dios. That's it.

It's been a tough week in so many ways. It started over the thanksgiving holiday. The ultimate holiday of gratitude. Without going into personal detail, I have learned about surrender. Surrender, to me does not hold the negative connotation as we know it, but instead it is more of an acceptance. Marianne Williamson writes in her book "A Return to Love" about surrender. On page 52, she states that this means emptying one's mind. In Zen Buddhism, a beginner's mind is like an empty rice bowl. If it's not empty, the Universe cannot fill it with wonderful things.

Yes, yes, yes. THIS is what I'm talking about. Emptying my mind of all of the anger, the bitterness, and the hatred so I can open it up to all things new, happy, and wonderful. Letting go.

Marianne Williamson also talks about the day that she officiated both a wedding and a funeral. The funeral was first and the woman who died had been brutally murdered. She told the little boy and the husband to be strong and to use this death as a gift, a blessing. Oddly enough, Williamson describes that at the wedding she officiated later that day the groom had the same look on his face as the husband at the funeral. It was a look of pure unadulterated love. Healing is a return to love. Even death can be a gift to us.

Okay, is this post too serious? It is. I know. I know what you guys like and it's the humor in my life. Either that, or the stuff that is forthcoming.... the Semester at Sea stuff. But you have to get through the serious stuff to get to the humor.

So here goes..... a funny anecdote, a typical "Laurie" story. Today over my lunch break I went to the nail salon in Tribeca, across the street. Frankly I needed to get out of my office and my nails were a mess. I haven't been there in awhile, but I recognize the woman doing my nails. She has never spoken much English, but she tries. I give her credit for trying. Throughout the course of doing my nails she asks "You have baby makes?"

WHAT!? Baby makes? My family just told me I looked like I had LOST weight. So now I look pregnant? Fantastic. That goes nicely with all the stress in my life these days. Par for the course, as they say. Although I would love to have a baby more than just about anything in the world, sorry Toots- not just yet. Maybe after semester at sea.....but glad that I pull off the pregnant look with such ease.

As I was sitting waiting for my nails to dry, I was looking at the bottles of light pinkish colors of nail polish to choose from. "Sugar Daddy." "Mademoiselle". "Spaghetti Strap". "Baby Cakes".

Oooohhhhhhhhh......Baby Cakes. Baby Cakes. Baby Cakes. Baby Makes. What color is on my fingers? I get it.

Ah well. Either way, I was so ready to get outa that nail salon.

Vaya Con Dios.


Dara said...

That blog was completely fulfilling...I cried, I laughed, and now I want cake. Ok, not *completely,* but close.

Kristin Schafer said...

I agree - very fulfilling as I find most of your blogs. I'm still pondering the one regarding positive affirmations and being grateful. And while there was so much content in this blog - so much to consider - when I was done I found myself saying, "Laurie had a colonic?" Hmmm....

Take care of yourself. And fill your weekend with things that make you happy!

Laurie said...

Thanks guys! I love getting your comments too

Rebekah C said...

As always, your writing stimulates thinking, smiling, and laughing. I look forward to reading each new blog post!