Friday, November 21, 2008


Each and every morning I write a list of things for which I am grateful. I share this list with only about 14 other people, a very select few-- people who I know will appreciate and reciprocate the infectious positive energy. Most of them also send me their gratitude lists. Every single day. Sometimes there are 10 things on my list. Sometimes there are 25 things. Sometimes they are very macro things like "I am grateful for a wonderful childhood." Sometimes more micro like "I am grateful for the fingers to type this email message."

Either way, it is a very positive start to the day. As opposed to the complaining I was once accustomed to in my life, when my list would be more like "I hate this crappy weather." "I should have called off work today." "I hate how weak this coffee tastes." (You get the idea...) Don't get me wrong....I am not immune from negativity or bad feelings....I just try to talk myself out of that pessimist energy by appreciating the good.

At first this list was difficult. I was pulling things out of thin air. Now it's so easy that I sometimes have to make myself stop at 25 and save the others for the next day.

An important message I've learned over the years is the very simple phrase "You reap what you sow." I find this to be a common theme in my blogs, my way of thinking- and therefore my behavior. Good thoughts breed more good thoughts. So if I focus on the things I do have I will therefore create more things to be grateful about. Follow me, here?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I couldn't think of a more perfect time to share with you a glimpse of what my gratitude list looks like.

Here goes:
1. I am grateful for the readers of my is you for whom I write. I love sharing my experiences, my thoughts, and my life with all of you. Thank you for being part of my world.
2. I am grateful for Round 2 of my travel inoculations the other day. This means that I will be free from strange diseases on my voyage....things like Hepatitis A and Malaria. (Actually Malaria is a pill you take....but nonetheless I'm grateful to be immune.)
3. I am grateful for Vernor's Ginger Ale, which I have never seen east of Ohio.
4. I am grateful for the nostalgia of college and how my campus always smelled like fresh baked bread, since the Wonder bread factory was right there. The air was so warm and buttery, I could barely concentrate.
5. I am grateful for healing.
6. I am grateful that the way that the smooth velor blanket feels against my skin.
7. I am grateful for the dinner I had tonight with Dara, Sophie, and Kevin.
8. I am grateful for the book by Jeannette Walls that I read recently. "Glass Castle" (talk about someone who had very little, but didn't complain.)
9. I am grateful for my sister-in-law since I never had a "real" sister....she is even better.
10. I am grateful for therapy in all forms.
11. I am grateful for gloves, scarves, and hats in cold weather.
12. I am grateful that I got to meet Sanjay Gupta the other night at the CNN event "Fit Nation". He seems so articulate and intelligent!
13. I am grateful that I got to meet Jillian Michaels from the "Biggest Loser". Even though I've never seen that show, I am going to watch it now! She was funny and sweet.
14. I am grateful that the Universe opens its arms to you, if you are willing to surrender to it.
15. I am grateful for surrender.
16. I am grateful for the baked plum hor d'heuvres at the CNN event the other night. Divine!
17. I am grateful for the smell of Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil.
18. I am grateful that my mom, dad, and both 80-something grandma's are coming to see me off in the Bahamas.
19. I am grateful that I will get to meet the rest of the staff a few days early, when we board the ship in Miami.
20. I am grateful for the trips I've selected in the pre-sale and the potential opportunity to be a Trip Leader.
21. I am grateful for the cheers, the tears, and the chills I get when I see such endurance and accomplishment, like the day I watched the NYC marathon in Brooklyn.
22. I am grateful for extra virgin olive oil (EVOO! Did I mention Rachael Ray was at that CNN event, as well!?)
23. In fact, I am just grateful for all olives period.
24. I am grateful for being in the now and appreciating the moment. Like this one.
25. And this one.


Michael said...

"21. I am grateful for the cheers, the tears, and the chills I get when I see such endurance and accomplishment, like the day I watched the NYC marathon in Brooklyn."

Your cheers bring me chills when I run the NYC Marathon. Thanks

MikeScorpio said...

...and they call it a "secret" to be this way? I, myself, am just grateful to know you...