Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Any Port in the Storm

We've had our first staff "meeting" for Semester at Sea via conference call. It was nice to put a voice with the names and the emails and the bios I've been reading. I am excited, eager, and energized after learning more and more about our specific duties and how life on-board will feel. I can taste the spray of the salty air when I close my eyes and think about my journey. The day of departure is coming up right before my very eyes, in about 70 days or so.

My Grandma K would say my departure is coming up "in three shakes of a lamb's tail". She is Scotch-Irish, you see and she is full of sayings, words of wisdom, proverbs, and other little nuggets of genious. (Not to be confused with my other Grandma-Grandma V, the one who took us to feed the ducks, the one to whom I referred two blogs ago, who is quite a genious herself. And she also appears in one of the Vietnam photos from one blog ago, the photo of my dad in Kentucky after his Basic Training).

Fortunately for me, BOTH of these sharp, intelligent grandmas are coming to the Bahamas to see me off, as well as my parents.

My Grandma K taught me lots of important things, like never to be "meek and mealy-mouthed". That means no matter what anyone says or does, I speak up and stand for what I believe. So I did just that today: I voted. I've got to say, even though I have been conflicted and was unsure that I'd even make it to the polls, I scooted my arse over to Chelsea this morning and cast my vote. I was undecided, yet still concerned with the future of our United States (would you call someone like me bi-political?), and I am satisfied with the decision I did make. I imagine that someone's got to be able to fix the state of our country, SOMEHOW. "Any port in the storm", as Grandma K would say.

Afterwards, I visited two former colleagues and also dear friends, Gissell and Clare since I was right next door to my old office. I am going there every day that I need an esteem boost! They made me feel so wonderful and told me how slim I look these days. (Must be all the walking I've done on both sides of the Hudson. I've been averaging 7 miles per day.) I've got to say, they are looking pretty darn hot too....I'm surrounded by beautiful and smart people in every walk of life.

These past few days have really been quintessential days in New York City. Today was voting. Sunday was the marathon, which I watched from Bay Ridge in Brooklyn with my dear friends Maura and Dara. We drank mimosas as laughed blissful champagne-orange-juice-induced laughs, and we screamed for runners until we had no voices. We high-fived strangers, as if they were our best friends! We yelled out the names displayed on the sprinter's shirts and clapped and cheered. It was such a monumental day in New York City and I am so proud of the speed, endurance, strength and grace of each runner on a beautiful November morning. I get the chills and tears well up in my eyes, as I watch these dedicated gazelles fly by.

Then last night, I cut through Bryant Park which was all set up for.....ice skating! It was almost 60 degrees, but skaters were whirling around the ice, practicing their triple toe-loops with Dean Martin singing his heart out on the loudspeakers in the background. It was surreal to see such a winter sport on such a warm autumn day. Bryant Park is one of my favorite urban oasises (oases?) because of the gorgeous green lawn and shaded trees with tables underneath, perfect for reading. Imagine all of this with a backdrop of tall buildings and a glance at the glowing lights of Times Square if you are sitting in the right spot. Now imagine the leaves changing in this park to crisp oranges and yellows and reds, on a perfect autumn day and the green lawn now covered by an ice-skating rink. Imagine happy smiling folks twirling around the rink in t-shirts and without jackets. My phone could not capture the magic accurately.

New York, New York what are you going to do without me for four months?

Well don't you fret because I'll be back in three shakes of a lamb's tail.....

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Dara said...

I love that..."three shakes of a lambs tail"....haha, I'm going to start using that. It's so cute.