Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Comes Around....

The Universe has this perfect accounting system. Deepak Chopra is teaching me this and I am really beginning to understand how it works.

You see if something bad happens to you (like say for instance someone being short with you when you're just trying to be friendly-- or someone cutting you off on the escalator at the PATH train platform at World Trade Center-- or the parent of a student who is screaming at you when you're simply trying to help resolve a situation)....if something like this happens, there is absolutely no reason to get even.

Why not? Because their karma will come back around. Not worth your energy. The Universe understands the flow necessary to "reward" these people appropriately for their behavior. They will be rewarded with something like a swift kick in the arse. (That word is my Irish euphemism, by the way. I just like the way it sounds.)

Conversely, if you do something nice for someone it comes back to you too. I saw the perfect example of such today. A student on crutches was late for class and trying to find his way. "M*therf^$*ing place! Where the F^$k is my g!d@amn class?" The numbering system *is* a bit haphazard in my building. For example- my office number is 727, the office next door to me is 739 and the classroom across the hall is 732. There are no rooms between us, so there is really no rhyme, nor reason.

At any rate, this student is looking for 728, which *should* be right next door to my office right? I heard another student tell him "You just wait here for a second!" Student #2 proceeded to search the winding halls for the correct room, came back and asked me for help. I had been busy typing away, only half listening to this exchange and I didn't know where 728 was either. Alas we looked at Student #1's schedule and saw it was in fact 722 (not 28) that he needed. 728 doesn't even exist. Student #1 was late, annoyed, and out of breath. Student #2, who was late for a different class himself, took it upon himself to not only show Student #1 to his rooms, but also carry Student #2's books for him. These students had never met and to the best of my knowledge, they just happened to be in the hallway at the same time.

Student Number 2 is going to have something excellent coming his way, say like free Frozen Custard from the outdoor stand at Madison Square Park. Or maybe like an A on a test that he thought he had failed.

But you'll never guess what the Universe *did* in fact, give him. A couple hours later after class, I see him walking by my office again (Student #2 that is)- and I stopped him to commend him, and told him that was really nice of him to help that guy. He said, "No problem, because guess what I found? A $10 bill on the floor on the way to my own class! Otherwise I wouldn't have walked down that other hallway."

....I have GOT to start helping more students find the way to class.

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Rebekah Chow said...

Hilarious but pertinent :)