Friday, October 31, 2008

Just one Piece!!!!!

We all know when it comes to chocolate, "just one piece" never works so well for me....not only would I eat half of my bag of candy when I got back from trick-or-treating, but I would eat most of Scott's too! (Remember from the last blog, I was the bully!) But my poor mother always tried in vain to only allow me to eat just one piece when I got home. She never really kept sweets around, so it's no wonder Halloween was my favorite holiday as a kid. Scott's too. (Until I stole all of his candy. The phrase "stealing candy from a baby" was created for kids like me.)

Speaking of Scott and I when we were children, here we were on the first day of school. I never understood why kids though our mom dressed us funny:

Just kidding, this wasn't the first day of school....this was actually Halloween,probably about 1980ish or so. Notice I have the pumpkin full of candy in my hands, and Scott's hands are empty.

And in case you have read the blog before this, here is a photo of Scott and me in our "pinching baby" days. Scott was still in basic training for pinchers at this point (and yes, those are probably the stairs I pushed him down):

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I think mostly because of the candy, but more-so because I like dressing up.

This photo was taken in 1996 when my parents used to make me clean the house and wear a French Maid's outfit to do so! (They must have been mad about me stealing Scott's candy.)

Okay, once again I tease....I actually never really learned how to clean the house. That shot was taken when I was in college- my dad and me before I went out with all of my sorority sisters for a wild party.....err, I mean volunteering my time to go trick-or-treating with little children. I taught them how to eat just one piece too! And I also taught them about sharing their candy....with adults who are taking them trick-or-treating..... My mom and dad would be proud!

Speaking of my dad, he reads my blog! Aaaaand upon my request, he did indeed send me some of his Vietnam photos, which I hadn't seen since I was a little kid. Much like me, my dad also works at a college (The University of Akron, my alma mater) and he does a class on the Vietnam war. These are a selection of some of his photos from the powerpoint he uses for that class.

Much like me, my dad loves to take pictures. My dad and I are a lot a like in some ways. Except......when it comes to Halloween candy, I think my dad has a lot better control about eating "just one piece".

PS- Love you Daddy!

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